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For expert boiler repairs in Monessen, PA trust Hammer Heating & Air Conditioning LLC. Radiant heating is one of the oldest forms of home heating still in use. Our technicians will make sure your boiler and radiators are working correctly.

We discover many boilers in use in older buildings may require service or replacement. Call us today to discuss what system is perfect for your home or business. Contact Hammer Heating & Air Conditioning LLC online or by calling (412) 398-2364.

Boilers Are One of the Oldest Forms of Home Heating in Monessen, PA

Dating back to the late 1800’s millions have trusted boilers as the source of their home heat. A boiler heats water in a tank before it flows through a series of pipes leading to various radiators in the home. The two types of boilers are water and steam, depending on the state of the heated water going through the pipes.

A perk of a boiler heating is that it allows for each room’s temperature to be controlled at the radiator. This can be a savings for Monessen-area homeowners who choose not to use all their rooms. Radiator-controlled heat is also useful when various occupants prefer different temperatures in their rooms.

A boiler’s power source can come from electricity, oil or gas. A downside of installing a boiler is that you cannot add an HVAC system onto it. This means central air conditioning is not possible since there is no ductwork.

Be Aware of Possible Boiler System Issues

A malfunctioning boiler can be a very dangerous item. From not heating your home causing hypothermia or overheating and causing pressure to blow, you need to have your boiler serviced right away. Signs to look out for are:

  • Water leaks
  • Unpleasant or unusual smells
  • Strange sounds, such as clunking, gurgling, whooshing, or whistling noises
  • No heat or hot water
  • Higher than average energy bills
  • Boiler keeps turning itself off to prevent overheating

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expert boiler repairs in Monessen, PA.