Central Air Installation in West Newton, PA

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Central air installation in West Newton, PA sounds pretty straightforward until you think about the different types and parts required. Our team at Hammer Heating & Air Conditioning LLC trains in installing a wide range of air conditioning equipment. A central air installation allows you to cool your home while saving money and energy.

An efficient central air system also helps remove humidity, increasing the comfort level in your home or business. Whether you wish to install a more traditional central air system or ductless option, schedule an appointment with us today. Call Hammer Heating & Air Conditioning at (412) 398-2364 or reach out to us online.

Central Air Conditioning Main Components

The four main components of central air conditioning are:

Condenser: The outside metal unit and where the gas from the compressor condenses into a liquid. The gas entering the condenser is very hot. The temperature is then lowered, so the gas can convert back to a liquid.

Compressor: Circulates the pressurized refrigerant, to concentrate the heat, and changes the low pressure gas to high pressure.

Evaporator: The part of the system inside the home that absorbs heat from your home.

Expansion Valve: Controls the amount of refrigerant in your system.

Central Air Installation Benefits in
West Newton and Surrounding Areas

A modern central air cooling system provides a long list of rewards. These can be beneficial for those who reside in West Newton and surrounding areas of Washington County, PA. Central air installation benefits include:

  • Maintain ideal temperature
  • Remove airborne contaminants
  • Enjoy air circulation
  • Sleep better
  • Quick and efficient
  • Reduce humidity levels
  • Add value to your home

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