Seven Ways to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

Fall Is The Perfect Time To Start Preparing Your Furnace For Winter

When is the perfect time to prepare your furnace for winter? The kids are back in school. The Pennsylvania hills look like a painting as leaves change colors. A crisp apple cider hits the spot. It is officially fall in Washington County, PA, and the perfect time to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment.

Every furnace needs maintenance at least once a year to keep it in perfect working order. While Hammer Heating & Air Conditioning LLC should service your furnace, there are some things you can also do to winterize your furnace.

1. Test Your Detectors and Change Batteries

Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are vital for your and your family’s safety. You should test them and make sure they have fresh batteries so they can work properly. Most home fires and carbon monoxide poisonings happen in the fall when people start using their furnaces. These detectors can save your life.

2. Change Air Filters

Regardless of your heating source, you will have air filters that need changed or cleaned. Regularly cleaning or replacing your filters keeps particles out of your HVAC system and can prolong its life. Aim to change them every 1 to 3 months, especially right before starting to use your heat for the winter.

3. Cover the Air Conditioner Condenser

Unless your HVAC is a heat pump (in which case, don’t cover it because it runs all year), cover the condenser. This will protect it from snow and falling icicles.

4. Clean Intake and Heat Exchanger

If you have a high-efficiency furnace, look for the intake and exhaust pipes on the exterior of your home. Make sure they’re free of ice, snow, bird nests, or insects. You should also clean the heat exchanger before use. Remove any dirt or debris by using a wire brush. Use a damp cloth with cleaner specifically for furnaces to remove any soot or scale build up.

5. Check Tank Level

If you have a gas or oil tank to fuel your furnace, check the level in late summer or early fall. Filling it now will help save you money. You also won’t have to worry about running out in the middle of the night or during a snowstorm.

6. Change Thermostat to Heat

If your furnace isn’t turning on, check the thermostat. Changing your thermostat to heat may sound obvious, but many people forget this step initially.

7. Schedule Your Maintenance Check Today

Even after following all of these tips and taking care of your furnace, you should still schedule an annual maintenance check. Routine maintenance ensures efficiency, saves cost on repairs, extends the life of the furnace, and keeps your family safe. Contact us online to schedule an appointment.

For more information on furnace maintenance, give Hammer Heating & Air Conditioning LLC a call at (412) 398-2364 or follow us on Facebook for updates. We are willing to discuss more on how to prepare your furnace for winter.