Signs You May Need Emergency Furnace Service

Hammer Heating and Air Conditioning Offers 24-Hour Emergency Service

Do you know the signs you may need emergency furnace repair service? Here in Washington County, PA, we are nearing the coldest part of the winter. For these chilly days and nights, a heater that is working correctly is vital. How can you tell when your heating system needs emergency furnace repair? There are several indicators that a furnace is about to break down. In this month’s blog, Hammer Heating and Air Conditioning LLC takes a look at five signs that you need emergency service. If you experience any of these signs, you should give us a call right away at (412) 398-2364. You can also reach us for yearly maintenance and non-emergency repairs during our normal business hours.

Ineffective Heating

An obvious indication that your furnace needs repair is ineffective heating. There are a variety of reasons why the furnace could not be producing hot air. A blocked burner, clogged filter, broken motor, or even a broken thermostat are a few typical culprits. If you are only receiving cold air, do not hesitate to call.

Alerts From Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Quickly shut off your heater, leave the home, and dial 911 if your home’s carbon monoxide alarm beeps. A furnace’s heat exchange break might result in carbon monoxide gas leakage. You won’t see or smell this gas because it is colorless and odorless, yet it can be lethal.

Banging Or Knocking Sounds Coming From The Furnace

Banging or other sounds coming from the furnace are another indication that it needs to be repaired. Numerous factors might contribute to the noise. A common noise is the misfiring of the furnace ignitor from built-up gas. This can lead to wear and tear of the furnace unit, as well as a gas leak.

You Smell Gas

One of the most serious safety problems a homeowner can encounter is a gas leak. If you smell gas or a sulfuric “rotten-egg” smell, immediately shut your heating system off and give us a call. A gas leak can lead to a fire and be deadly if left untreated.

Furnace Is Constantly On and Off

Until the temperature in your house reaches the setting on your thermostat, your furnace should operate continuously. Rapidly cycling furnaces are more prone to unanticipated malfunctions and breakdowns. And nobody wants their furnace to break down in the dead of winter.

For more information on furnace repair service, give Hammer Heating & Air Conditioning LLC a call at (412) 398-2364. You can also follow us on Facebook for more information. We are willing to discuss more about signs you may need emergency furnace service.